Short-interval disturbances

Fire in sub-boreal pine/spruce landscapes: short-interval disturbances, compound effects, and linked events 

Our work on short-interval disturbances includes research on how multiple forms of disturbance overlap and potentially interact with one another, and the ecological outcome of these events. We're working to understand the disturbance ecology of mountain pine beetle, fire, and forest harvest in pine forests in the Nechako region of central interior British Columbia, where lodgepole pine dominates forest stands and harvest and beetle effects are particularly strong. 



Ongoing projects include:

  1. Potential for linked and compound effects between mountain pine beetle and wildfire in lodgepole pine dominated forest ecosystems of central interior British Columbia (Anna Talucci, PhD candidate) 
  2. Streamwood recruitment and function after wildfire in pine and spruce forests of central interio British Columbia (Kurt Frei, MSc candidate)
Recently completed projects include:
  1. The study of avian and insect communities in landscapes affected by mountain pine beetle and wildfire (Kim House, MSc)
  2. Examination of taxonomic and functional traits of ground-layer plant community assemblages in areas affected by forest harvest followed by wildfire (Michael Ton, MSc)