TBGRC - Tree Biosafety and Genomics Research Cooperative

(Note: In June 2019 the Coop expects to change its research focus and its name to GREAT TREES – Genetic Research on Engineering and Advanced Transformation of Trees. See links above the image below for more information.)

Our laboratory created and has directed the TBGRC university-industry consortium for more than two decades. It's goal is to conduct research, technology transfer, outreach, and education to facilitate beneficial uses of genetically engineered trees in plantations. Research is focused on eucalypts and poplars for genetic engineering and basic genomic studies. Experiments underway are aimed at discovery and modification of genes with major value for control of fertility—the main goal being the reliable prevention of gene flow via pollen and seed when that is socially required or ecologically prudent. Current contributing members are SAPPI, Futuragene/Suzano, SweTree Technologies, the University of Pretoria Forest Molecular Biology Program, and Oregon State University. Please contact Professor Strauss, TBGRC Director, to inquire about current studies and membership. Summary of TBGRC major research projects. 



GREAT Trees Research Coop Overview

MOA – GREAT Trees Cooperative (PDF)

MOA – GREAT Trees Cooperative (Word)


Commercial Eucalyptus plantation in South Africa. Photo courtesy of Prof. Alexander Myberg.