Lab News

Rachel is now Dr. Zitomer

Rachel successfully defended her Ph.D. work focused on understanding native bee communities within managed forests. Congrats!

Rachel gives a TEDx talk

Rachel gave a great talk on her dissertation work at the TEDx Corvallis event, helping get the word out about the role that managed forests can play in bee conservation. Check it out the talk here.

Rachel and Mark give talks at ORTWS

Rachel and Mark both gave excellent talks on their dissertation research at the annual meeting of the Oregon chapter of The Wildlife Society in Bend, Oregon to standing room only crowds. Nice work!

Welcome to the new graduate students

Four students will be starting graduate degree work in the lab this fall; clockwise from top left: Mark Kerstens, Ethan Woodis, Megan Sampognaro, and Cecelia Frisinger. Mark will continue his Black-backed Woodpecker work as a Ph.D. student, whereas Ethan and Cecelia will start M.S. positions looking at aspects nesting ecology in the Marbled Murrelet. Megan will be starting a M.S. position examining bee communities in recently harvested fire-prone forests of northern California. Welcome!

Mark successfully defends his M.S. thesis

Mark defended his thesis that focused on vital rates of the the Black-backed Woodpecker in burned and unburned (green) forests in southern Oregon. His work is the first to demonstrate that woodpeckers in green forests have nest and post-fledging survival rates that are nearly identicaly to those in burned areas in the western portion of the woodpecker's range. Nice job, Mark!

Mark wins best presentation award

Mark won the Les Eberhardt Award for Best Student Presentation at the 2022 meeting of The Oregon Chapter of the Wildlife Society, where he talked about his Black-backed Woodpecker research. Way to go Mark!

New M.S. position in lab - forest bees and fuel-reduction treatments

We are looking for a M.S. student to join the lab to study the response of forest bees to fuel-reduction treatments in working forests. Position details and application instructions can be found on the "Join the Lab" tab.

New M.S. position in the lab

We are looking for a M.S. student to join the Oregon Marbled Murrelet Project! Position details and application instructions can be found on the Join the Lab tab.

FAEL alum releases book on nighthawks!

FAEL alum Dr. Gretchen Newberry's new book The nighthawk's evening - Notes of a field biologist is now out from OSU Press. It's a unique perspective about the iconic Common Nighthawk and how one goes about studying it, as well as a chronicle of Gretchen's path to graduate school and beyond. A must read!

Mark talks to the Klamath Basin Audubon Society

Mark gave a seminar to the Klamath Basin Audubon Society on his Black-backed Woodpecker research. Here is a Zoom link to the recorded presentation; note that the first of couple minutes when Mark was describing broader work in the lab was not recorded, it might seem like an odd place to start the talk. https://oregonstate.app.box.com/s/i3ddtz6rsvv4k9o0h63z2ucyavy8z460