Vision and Values of the Oregon State University Forest Biotechnology Laboratory

2 January 2019

The Strauss Forest Biotechnology Laboratory at Oregon State seeks to:

  1. Be a strong, productive, and collaborative team.
  2. Produce and disseminate new, useful, and accurate knowledge about biotechnologies, trees, and natural resource systems through our research, teaching, and outreach to scientific communities and society.
  3. Maintain and continually improve our physical and mental health.
  4. Practice high standards for personal safety in the laboratory, greenhouse, and field.
  5. Take part in citizenship that helps to nurture our laboratory, college, and university communities.
  6. Challenge each other to help maintain high ethical and scientific standards.
  7. Strengthen our teams’ integrity and efficiency through personal respect, communication, and follow-through.
  8. Continually help students and staff to advance their education, careers, and personal development.
  9. Actively embrace diversity and inclusion, including to help elevate under-served communities within and outside the university.