Collaborative governance and wildland fire ecology research group (CGWE)

High severity fire effects in the 2020 Slater fire, northern California

Our research explores social and ecological aspects of wildland fire ecology and management in the context of collaborative governance in southwestern Oregon and northern California. CGWE works with a wide range of partners to identify compelling questions of mutual interest to help inform collaborative work. Our interests lie in investigating concepts of power, equity, resilience, and Indigenous sovereignty in the face of intensifying wildfire regimes. 


Sven Rodne is pursuing his MS program co-advised by Dr. James Johnston and Dr. Meg Krawchuk. Sven's thesis research focuses on fire history and stand development in SW Oregon, to inform restoration and adaptation processes. Sven partners with TNC and numerous regional collaboratives in SW Oregon. Stay tuned for more details!

Emma Sloan completed her MS program working with Dr. Reem Hajjar, focused on concepts of justice and social resilience to wildland fire in SW Oregon's Rogue Basin region. 

Jessie Thoreson completed her MS in the Landscape Fire and Conservation Science Research Group advised by Dr. Meg Krawchuk. Jessie's thesis is an interdisciplinary pursuit in partnership with the Karuk DNR as a Tribally led examination of eco-cultural revitalization of black oak. 

This graphic is an excerpt from Jessie's MS thesis, summarizing the system of ecocultural stewardship of Black Oak, based on interviews, discussion, and synthesis with Karuk cultural practitioners.


Dr. Troy Hall is a Professor in the Department of Forest Ecosystems & Society in OSU’s College of Forestry. She has a PhD (from Oregon State) in Forest Resources and conducts research in the human dimensions of natural resources, including understanding people’s attitudes and values.

Dr. Meg Krawchuk is an Associate Professor in the Department of Forest Ecosystems and Society in OSU’s College of Forestry, and leads the Landscape Fire and Conservation Science Research Group. The lab group focuses on landscape ecology, fire ecology, pyrogeography, and conservation science, working at scales from local to global.

Dr. Reem Hajjar is an Associate Professor in FES. She leads the Forests, Livelihoods, Institutions, and Governance (FoLIAGe) research group, and conducts research on, among other things,
community and collaborative forestry in the US and abroad.