Conservation planning for North America's boreal forests

Boreal Ecosystems Analysis for Conservation Networks

Collaborators: Fiona Schmiegelow (U. Alberta/Yukon College), Steve Cumming (U. Laval), Kim Lisgo (BEACONs), Pierre Vernier (BEACONs), Shawn Leroux (Memorial U.), Marc Edwards (BEACONs), Meg Krawchuk (OSU), Melina Houle (BEACONs)

This research project is on pause.




We work on conservation biogeography and planning for ecosystems in relatively intact landscapes of the Canadian and U.S. boreal region. Working with colleagues at Canadian Boreal Ecosystems Analysis for Conservation Networks, we're interested in development of a Conservation Matrix Model for conservation planning in Canada’s boreal. Thinking about the role of fire in ecosystems is a unifying link between our pyrogeography and conservation research.

Current areas of research include:

  1. Integrated regional planning based on the Conservation Matrix Model 
  2. Disturbance dynamics and systematic conservation planning 
  3. Spruce budworm dynamics and application to minimum dynamic reserve concepts to to insect disturbances
  4. Drivers of fire activity across North America's boreal and implications of climate change