Fire and Forest Management

Multi-scale analysis and planning to support fire management policy


Research team: Alan Ager (USFS RMRS), Meg Krawchuk (OSU), Michelle Day (OSU), Ana Barros (OSU), Rachel Houtman (OSU)

This project is completed.

The collaborative research program involves three primary components:


1. Landscape modeling. The goal is to quantify tradeoffs between alternative forest management levels and wildfire levels needed to achieve and maintain resilient landscapes over time. See: http://blogs.oregonstate.edu/collegeofforestry/2018/09/04/envisioning-a-future-coexisting-with-fire/


2. National scenario planning. Examine tradeoffs and outcomes between forest management policies that address wildfire risk and other management goals as defined in agency assessments versus achieving the harvest targets that the US Forest Service allocates to the national forest system.


3. Transboundary risk assessment: The goal is to quantify wildfire transmission between private, state, and federal forest and range land for the State of Oregon.