Graduate Students and Technicians

Graduate Students

Allison Swartz - Ph.D. Student

Allison is studying how riparian forest structure affects stream ecosystems. Her primary project explores effects of a riparian forest canopy gap experiment on stream temperatures, stream ecosystem processes, and stream fish. She is also studying the relationships between light and nutrient demand in stream headwaters and conducting a study to characterize and quantify the configuration of contemporary riparian buffers in western Oregon.



Keeley MacNeill

Dr. MacNeill is leading the OSU side of our collaborative NSF funded project exploring how re-establishing apex predator communities in Yellowstone National Park (including wolves, cougar and bear) have affects streamside plant communities and how those changes have in-turn affected stream ecosystem processes.


Sandra Villamizar

Dr. Villamizar is leading an NSF funded project linking hydrologic and geomorphic drivers of bed mobility to stream primary production .  Underlying geology affects  stream slope and stream sediment sizes, and her research explores whether these underlying geologic drivers can ultimately control stream productivity in certain systems through its influence on the frequency and severity of souring events.



Ashley Sanders

Ashley coordinates between OSU and NCASI in leading the riparian management alternitives project. She orchistrates (and leads) field and laboratory activies for the project as well as project planning and study design layouts.


Undergraduate Students

Cedar Mackaness

Cedar is completing his OSU honors thesis exploring macroinvertebrate responses to our canopy gap manipluations. His work addresses both community and abundance reponses across the five replicate streams using a before-after control-impact study design.


Cameron Watson

Cameron did a summer REU project with us at the HJ Andrews also working on the gap study. His project explore on algal community shift and looked in particular at potential changes in the relative abundance of N-fixers in the gaps sites



Former Lab Group Members

Samantha Cargill - MS Student

Sami completed her MS degree in winter 2019 and is currently a Ph.D. student in the College of Earth Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences (CEOAS) at OSU.


Matt Kaylor - Ph.D. Student

Dr. Kaylor graduated in Spring 2019.  He is currently a post-doc with Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fishery Commission and OSU Dept. Fisheries and Wildlife


Alvaro Cortes - Undergraduate Student

Alvaro completed his Sr. Thesis in May 2018 and graduated in June 2018. He is currently an MS student in the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife at Oregon State University


Emily Heatson - MS Student

Emily completed her MS degree in June 2017.  She is currently an aquatic ecologist for the USGS.


Brian VerWey - Undergraduate Student

Brian completed his OSU Honors thesis in December 2015.  He is currently a research technician in the Phytoplankton Ecophysiology Lab at OSU


Heather Bechtold - Post-doc

Dr. Bechtold (co-advised with Dr. Emma Rosi) worked on a collaborative project between OSU and Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies.  Heather is currently an Associate Professor at Lock Haven University