Current and Ongoing Research Projects

Research on Aquatic-Terrestrial Linkages

  • Riparian reserve alternatives in managed forest landscapes
  • Yellowstone National Park - Apex predator effects on stream ecosystems
  • Effects of contemporary forest management on stream fish
  • Riparian canopy gap experiment
  • Creating old-growth forest structure along headwater streams in New England
  • How differences in age, stage and structure of riparian forests affect stream ecosystem processes and stream biota
  • Forest Management in Sweden and its influence on stream ecosystem processes and stream biota


Acid Deposition Impacts and Recovery in Northeastern US

  • Fish distributions in acidified and recovery headwaters
  • Acid deposition recovery in Adirondack Lakes


Climate Change

  • Drought impacts on spatial dynamics of stream nutrients
  • Drought impacts on trout and  salamanders in headwater ecosystems
  • Can thermal stratification in lakes insulate coldwater fish from effects of a hot summer?
Linkning Geology, Hydrology, and Stream Productivity


Historical Ecology

  • Using 19th century landscape paintings to quantify the structure and community of historic forests in the Northeastern US




Completed Research Projects