Former Graduate Students

Atzet, Tom,  M.S. 1969 regional ecologist for the Umpqua, Siskiyou and Rogue River National Forests

Cleary, Brian,  M.S., 1966 CEO of Plant Moisture Stress Company, makers of pressure chambers

Bond, Barbara, Ph.D. 1992 Professor Emeritus Plant Physiology and Assistant Graduate School Dean at Oregon State Univ.

Emmingham, Bill, M.S. 1972, Ph.D. Area Ecologist USFS and OSU Forestry Extention Agent

Gholz, Henry, (deceased 2018)  Ph.D. 1979 Distinguished Professor at Florida State Univ., NSF Program Director in Ecosystems 

Jaffe, Val , M.A. 1986 Geographic Information Systems specialist, Helena, MT

Law, Beverly,  Ph.D. 1993  Professor, OSU  Forest Ecosystems and Society 

Logan, Robert,  M.S. 1973 retired Forestry Extension Agent at Univ. of Montana

Margolis, Hank,  Ph.D. 1985  Professor at University of Laval, Quebec, Canada, NASA Terrestrial Ecology Program Adm. 

Marshall, John, Ph.D. 1984 

1990-2015; Professor Emeritus in Forest, Rangeland and Fire Sciences.  Guest Professor of Swedish Univ. of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala  

 Matson, Pam,  Ph.D. 1983   Professor at U. of Calif., Berkeley, Dean at Stanford University 

Oren, Ram, Ph.D. 1984  Distinguished   Professor at Duke University 

Panek, Jeanne, Ph.D. 1995 retired Research scientist, Univ. of Calif., Berkeley 

Peterman, Wendy  Ph.D. 2014 USFS Soil Scientist on the Willamette National Forest, Oregon 

Reed, Ken, Ph.D. 1972 retired systems engineer

Reid, Paula (Fong) M.S.

Rose, Cathy, Ph.D. 1989

Running, Steve, M.S. 1973 Emeritus Regent's Professor, University of Montana

Runyon, John, M.S. 1992

Ryan, Mike, Ph.D. 1988 Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO. Senior Research Scientist, 2012-present.  Research, teaching and graduate student advising.    Rocky Mountain Research Station, USDA, Fort Collins, CO.  Emeritus Research Ecologist  (2012-present).  Research Forester and Ecologist (1990-2012).  GS-11 Research Forester 

Sousa, Celio, Ph.D. 2016 Research Scientist at NASAGoddard Space Flight Center Baltimore, Maryland Area 

Swenson, Jennifer, Ph.D. 2003 Professor Duke University