Silviculture: Reforestation  (FOR442) - Spring 

This four credit course will focus on the silvicultural principles and practices needed to successfully regenerate forestlands in North America. Topics include artificial and natural regeneration, genetic improvement, seed orchards, forest tree nurseries, seedling quality and handling, site preparation, vegetation management, animal damage protection, early stand management, and ecological and ecophysiological considerations. Emphasis will placed on regeneration methods applied to plantations in western Oregon.



Field trip - Learning how to plant a seedling (Rick Allen - Starker Forests)


Field trip - Learning how to assess root quality in the field

Field trip - Seed Orchard (Sara Lipow - RFP)


Lab work at the Greenhouse - Measuring plant water potential 

Lab work at the Greenhouse - Assessing seedling quality 

Field trip - Learning how to apply herbicides (Bryan Nelson - LRT)