International Intensive Silviculture (FOR542) - Fall (odd years)

Wolrd map (adapted from FAO, World Forests Assesments 2020) with locations of study cases. 


This two credit course will focus on the operational and ecological aspects of intensive silvicultural management of planted forests around the world. Guest speakers located in a different countries will describe the type of silvicultural management that is currently carried out in his/her country. From species and genetic selection, to harvest and rotation length, including site preparation and planting techniques will be covered each session. Emphasis will placed on comparing silvicultural practices applied on each country in relation to the management applied to plantations in western Oregon.


Brazil: 2-years old clonal Eucalyptus plantation

Chile: 1-year old Eucalyptus nitens plantation


New Zealand - Pinus radiata pantations


SE United States (Florida): Pinus taeda palntation


South Africa - Eucalyptus plantations


Sweden - Norway Spruce plantation

PNW United States (Oregon): Douglas-fir plantation



Guest Lecturer: Dr. Ben Du Toit - Stellenbosch University -  Increased plantation forest productivity in South Africa: is it sustainable? (10/22/19)

Guest Lecturer: Dr. Urban Nilsson - Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre, Sweden -  Swedish Forests and Forestry (10/29/19)

Guest Lecturer: Dr. Timothy Martin - University of Florida -  Intensive Pine Plantation Management in the SE U.S. (11/05/19)

Guest Lecturer: Dr. Otavio Campoe - UFLA (11/12/19) - Brazilian Intensive Silviculture (11/12/19)

Guest Lecturer: Dr. Claudio Balocchi - Bioforest  - Sustainable Precision Clonal Silviculture with Radiata PIne in Arauco, Chile (11/19/19)

Guest Lecturer: Dr. Michael Premer - Rayonier - R&D and Pacific Silviculture for Rayonier Timberlands (11/26/19)

Guest Lecturer: Dr. Brian Richardson - SCION - NZ Forestry (12/03/19)