Study Abroad to Chile: Mountains to the Sea  (FOR499/599) (Spring Break)

This three credit explores the complex ecological, climatic, and management dimensions of forest management, conservation and restoration through an immersive experience in Chile. The course include natural Chilean forests and managed forest plantations in a range of settings from the coast to the Andes foothills. Student will interact extensively with Chilean students and also Chilean faculty who are working on various aspects of forest ecology, resource conservation, research, and management.


On 2022 we will go to Patagonia !!

Castle Mountains in Patagonia (Aysen)



Field activities at San Pablo de Tregua Field Station (Universidad Austral de Chile) (2018)


Class of 2018 at San Pablo de Tregua Field Station (Universidad Austral de Chile)


Class of 2019 - Ready for Zip Line !

Class of 2019 - Back from Rafting in Trancura River !

Class of 2019 - Lunch with Mapuche family


Study Abroad to Chile: Mini Course: Intensive Silvicultural Management of Planted Forests in Chile (FOR499/599) (Spring Break)

This 3 days (1 credit) course focus on precision silviculture for planted eucalyptus and radiata pine forests in Chile, including visits to experimental and operational stands.


 Class of 2018 - 12 year-old Eucalyptus nitens (left) and Eucalyptus globulus (right)

Class of 2019 - City Tour in Santiago