3-PG Forest Growth Model   (FOR599) - Fall (even years)

This two credit course will focus on tunderstanding the ecophysiological principles of the computer model 3-PG (Physiological Principles Predicting Growth).

The course was designed with Dr. Richard Waring, the developer of the 3-PG model.


Examples of exercices covered in the course:

- Estimating soil fertility and stand biomass when self-thinning begins in a coast range Douglas-fir forest

- Solar radiation, vapor pressure deficits, and frost frequency from monthly temperature extremes

- Modeling thinning and defoliation effects on the growth of forests

- Modeling the effects of drought and soil water storage capacity on pinyon pine

- Assessing the effects of nutrient additions on the growth of eucalyptus

- Comparing ponderosa pine and Douglas-fir responses in different climates

- Accessing the importance of groundwater to eucalyptus forests in western Australia

- Sensitivity analysis to assess interactions between soil water storage capacity and soil fertility